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    To me, the single uncut piece of paper symbolizes the ultimate origin. It is the blank page, the starting point from which every creative challenge must begin. Whether you’re a mathematician, musician, writer or artist, through trial, error and perseverance, we hope to make something wonderful out of nothing. That is where all my work begins and this beginning is as much a part of the work as the ending.

    My desire to create complex ideas and forms that begin with a simple paper square is beyond my ability. Like a musician, I have found that collaboration magnifies my initial ideas into realized masterworks of paper folding. For ten years now, I have collaborated with physicist and mathematician Dr. Robert J. Lang, who can fold almost any detail out of a single square. Master folder Michael G. LaFosse has pioneered designs that are elegant and simple out of his own handmade papers. Next generation folders like Beth Johnson add fresh design approaches and possibilities that I am excited to work beside. More than anyone else by my side, my wife Jennifer has managed the growing administration of an art studio that has become a major corporation. Her skills of organization have enabled me to continue my collaborative creativity.

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